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Trust Industry Leaders: EPTC Resources

Discover informative articles by Eastern Point Trust Company, an international leader in trust innovation. With a team of renowned trust experts and a proprietary nationwide FDIC banking network, EPTC provides technology-empowered services to individuals, courts, and institutional clients worldwide. Explore our articles to learn about our expertise in trust administration, construction, and more.

The Duration of Qualified Settlement Funds Under §1.468B-1

A Qualified Settlement Fund (QSF) provides an empowering and secure way for parties in a litigation settlement (or nonlitigation dispute settlement) to manage the settlement funds.

The Formation of Qualified Settlement Funds as Trusts According to §1.468B-1

Qualified Settlement Funds (QSFs) offer a practical solution for parties involved in litigation (and non-litigation disputes) to fulfill monetary settlements.

Firmwide Qualified Settlement Funds – What Can Go Wrong? (Part 2 of 2)

What could be the potential consequences upon disqualification of an FWQSF as a Qualified Settlement Fund (“QSF”).

Firmwide Qualified Settlement Funds – What Can Go Wrong? (Part 1 of 2)

We asked one of the leading AI-empowered legal research tools to analyze the use of Firmwide Qualified Settlement Funds, also known as Master Qualified Settlement Funds.

Must a Court Approve a Qualified Settlement Fund?

While a QSF must be approved by a governmental authority, as defined by the regulations, a court does not need to be involved.

Misconceptions Regarding Qualified Settlement Funds

A Qualified Settlement Fund (QSF) is a legal and financial vehicle for managing settlement funds in certain legal cases.

Does a Qualified Settlement Fund Claimant Have a Right to Access the Trust Document?

In general, a Claimant (a.k.a. beneficiary) of a Qualified Settlement Fund (QSF) trust has a right to certain details about the QSF, which may include seeing the related trust documents.

Navigating the Complexities of Qualified Settlement Funds: Tips for Implementation as a Statutory Trust

As someone who has worked in the settlement and tax industry for numerous years, I have seen the various complexities of settling cases.

Maximizing Settlement Benefits: The Power of Qualified Settlement Funds for Litigators

As a litigator, one of the most critical aspects of your responsibilities is ensuring that your clients receive the maximum and most flexible settlement benefits possible.

Maximize Your Settlement Benefits With a Qualified Settlement Fund Under Irc Section 1.468B-1

As someone who may receive a pending settlement or judgment in a lawsuit, you may wonder how to manage best and maximize your funds.

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