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Commercial Escrow Solutions

Domestic & Cross-Border

Commercial Escrow Solutions

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Domestic & International Commercial Escrow Solutions

Commercial transactions often involve counterparty risks for one or both parties. When engaging in commercial transactions (particularly cross-border transactions), there is always a risk that the counterparty may not complete the agreed-upon contractual obligations.

Eastern Point's Commercial Escrow trusts offer a defense from the risks of counterparties defaulting on their contractual obligations.

Eastern Point is a leading international provider of third-party escrow solutions for your commercial and private escrow trust needs. As a licensed non-depository trust company, Eastern Point leverages its tested process and procedures to provide commercial and private escrow. Unlike providers who are not licensed when we act as your escrow agent we are focused 100% on administering your escrow in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions. Our patented technology and international industry-leading expertise, innovation and flexibility can support all of your escrow needs. With our digital processes, our staff can assist you to create a commercial and private escrow trust in as little as one business day.

Eastern Point’s Commercial Escrow Services include:

  • Contract Escrow
  • Manufacturing Escrow
  • Transactional Funding and Milestone Arrangement Escrow
  • Arbitration Escrow
  • Project Finance Escrow
  • Paying Agent Escrow
  • Continuing Performance Settlement Agreement Escrow
  • Confidential Settlement Agreement Escrow
  • Collateral Deposit Agreements
  • Conditional Escrow Trusts
  • Indemnity Escrow
  • Hold-Back Escrow
  • Reversionary (Clawback) Escrow
  • Good Faith Escrow
  • Judgment Appeal Escrow
  • Cross-Border Transactions Escrow
  • Disputed Ownership Fund Escrow (§1.468B-9)
Commercial Escrow Services

Eastern Point’s Advantages

As Escrow Agent, Eastern Point delivers proven document templates and processes.

Our patented technology and international industry-leading expertise, innovation, and flexibility can support all of your escrow and Disputed Ownership Fund needs.

The benefit of 30-years of historical experience as an industry-leading U.S. and international escrow trust provider.

With our digital document process, our staff can create an escrow account in as little as one business day.

Commercial Escrow Features

  • An escrow trust-based structure provides the advantage of full asset and code protections
  • Support for Cross Border and International escrow transactions
  • Real-time access to balances and transactions allows you to track your account 24/7
  • Integrated and turnkey KYC and AML solutions
  • Support for ACH, Wire, Check, and payment card distribution processing
  • Domestic and international counterparties supported
  • Quick and easy account set up
  • Fair and competitive pricing
  • Structure allows for fast and unlimited number of segregated sub-escrow accounts
  • Structure allows for fast and unlimited number of segregated sub-escrow accounts
  • Quick and easy digital signature agreements
  • Consistent and streamlined documentation requirements
  • Integrated technology platform for controlled, accurate, and timely disbursements
  • Industry-leading technology and online portal to help manage your escrow accounts
  • Up to $240 million in FDIC insurance per escrow party while maintaining same-day liquidity (FDIC coverage can be stacked – inquire for details)
  • A robust technology and API support platform powers your data access
  • Online real time account access to balances, statements, and transactions
Our escrow solutions are fast, flexible, affordable, and can be custom-tailored to your specific requirements.

Additional Escrow Capabilities Include

  • Tax reporting
  • Multi-party approval requirements for distributions
  • Same day liquidity and distributions on “collected funds”
  • Confidential/anonymous trust structure
EPTC also provides regulatory compliant support for all business equity and fractional ownership offerings. Learn more about EPTC’s Reg A, A+, CF, D, and S escrow solutions.

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