Eastern Point Trust Company is reengineering our industry by adopting 21st century technology to make trust services more affordable, accessible and transparent.

Eastern Point Trust Company is a multi-state non-depository, trust company and custodian with over three decades of trust experience.

For 30 years, our commitment to our company values have helped create an environment that puts client success first – which is a reason why our institutional and retail client relationships continue to grow. Eastern Point Trust has become the fastest growing trust company in the United States through the administration of trusts related to some of the most recognized cases in recent history.

Insights from Our Leadership Team

Glen Armand, CEO and Chief Compliance Officer
Describes why EPTC has the fastest distribution turn around in the industry
Ned Armand, President
Discover why EPTC is the low cost industry leader
Rachel McCrocklin, Chief Client Officer
Describes EPTC’s approach to working with settlement planners and other third parties

Fiduciary Expertise

EPTC is recognized internationally as leader in the trust industry. Our staff is comprised of internationally recognized fiduciary and trust experts that Federal and State courts regularly rely upon related to expert testimony, trust construction, administration, and fiduciary matters. Our diverse fiduciary expertise and experience consist of:
Qualified Settlement Fund Administration (QSF360)
Custodial Account, Settlement Trust, and Corporate Escrow Account Services
Foreign Beneficiary Payment Trust Services
Blocked & Restricted Trust Account Administration and Trustee Services
Institutional Corporate Trust Administration and Trustee Services
Court Ordered Trust Administration and Trustee Services (C3BR)
Guardianship and Custodial Trust Administration and Trustee Services
First-Party and Third Party Special Needs Trust Administration and Trustee Services

Corporate Overview

Eastern Point Trust provides services to over 5000 trusts with more than 20,000 users across the U.S and internationally.

Financial Integrity

Eastern Point Trust has assembled a proprietary nationwide FDIC banking network to custody assets up to $125 million per beneficiary/claimant with the ability to accommodate individual trust up to $100 billion.
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