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The Ultimate Guide to Escrow Accounts for Private Placements

Escrow accounts hold investor funds until the satisfaction of the offering, ensuring regulatory compliance to safeguard investor funds. These accounts hold funds raised from investors until the satisfaction of specific offering terms, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and safeguarding investor interests.

Opting for a trust company over a traditional bank account introduces the advantage of active independent oversight and FDIC insurance coverage up to $150 million per account. Using an escrow agent underscores the commitment to the prudent management of funds in private offerings.

Selecting an escrow agent to establish an account can typically take one to two weeks. Platforms like Eastern Point Trust Company can take as little as one business day. The escrow process also involves waiting for the investors transmittal of funds, either directly into the escrow or through a broker dealer, which is critical to proceed with breaking escrow. Once the terms of the offering have been satisfied, the offeror may request to break escrow and begin receiving funds.

The advantages of using a licensed vendor such as a trust company over a traditional bank account are measurable. Active independent oversight by a trust company adds a significant layer of security and integrity to these financial transactions, ensuring compliance with SEC and FINRA rules, directly contributing to investor confidence.

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