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How the Plaintiff Recovery Trust Can Help E. Jean Carroll and Others

After the plaintiff double tax reduces her settlement, E. Jean Carroll may find herself shopping at Walmart.

As you may know, E. Jean Carroll was recently awarded $83 million in her defamation case against former President Donald J. Trump. After the case Ms. Carroll quipped to Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, “I have such great ideas for all the good I'm going to do with this money”.

“First thing Rachel, you and I are going to go shopping at Bergdorf’s.”

But wait, there is the double tax bite. As all of Ms. Carroll's settlement proceeds are taxable, It is therefore subject to the plaintiff's “double tax” under the Supreme Court's banks taxation ruling. Thus, if her attorney receives a typical 40% contingency fee, then, of the $83 million, she will only end up with approximately $7.5 million; just nine cents on the dollar. Even if her award is reduced on appeal, the same double taxation treatment applies.

The good news is that the Plaintiff Recovery Trust, sponsored by Eastern Point Trust Company and Forward Giving, can eliminate the double tax burden. It does so by eliminating the plaintiff's requirement to pay tax on the attorney fee portion of the settlement, thereby materially increasing the plaintiff's net after-tax proceeds.

Contact Eastern Point to learn how the Plaintiff Recovery Trust may increase your after tax recovery up to 150%.

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