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A Guide to Correctly Naming Qualified Settlement Funds (QSFs)

Qualified Settlement Funds are valuable financial mechanisms that offer tax benefits and flexibility in managing settlements across various disputes and litigation. 

Let's explore the proper naming conventions for a Qualified Settlement Fund. Appropriate naming conventions support the fund’s integrity and purpose. The 2024 IRS naming requirement states no QSF name may be longer than 64 alphanumeric characters. A governmental authority must approve and exercise jurisdiction over a potential QSF. That authority will have its own policies and requirements to ensure the name is not misleading. 

It is crucial to note that a QSF is not an interest on lawyer's trust account, nor an account owned by a law firm. No QSF should be labeled to imply that it is. However, including the term Qualified Settlement Fund, including the term QSF or using an FBO designation, or using the case name, plaintiff name, or plaintiff family name are safe harbors when naming a QSF. 

If a law firm uses or plans to use numerous Qualified Settlement Funds, standardizing naming conventions allows for more effective case management and quicker access to essential documents. A consistent naming convention improves transparency, avoids confusion during audits and legal reviews, and allows for the timely and accurate distribution of funds. When navigating QSFs, carefully selecting a compliant name is not merely a governmental requirement. It can remove barriers and eliminate questions. 

Disclosure: This content is an overview. It is not a detailed analysis and offers no legal or tax opinion on which you should solely rely. Always seek the advice of competent legal and tax advisors to review your specific facts and circumstances before making any decisions or relying on the content herein.
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