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Escrow Solutions

Reg A, A+, CF, D, and S
Secure your escrow assets with the solution that leads the industry in technology and flexibility.

Escrow Services & Solutions

Put Your Trust in a Licensed Trust Company

Eastern Point is a leading provider of third-party Reg A, Reg A+, Reg CF, Reg D, and Reg S private placement escrow solutions.
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Download or view the Escrow Solutions guide to learn more about the variety of solutions offered by EPTC.

Eastern Point’s Advantages

As a licensed fiduciary, Eastern Point provides unmatched escrow and the safety and surety for your escrow assets.
  • Eastern Point focuses on safeguarding the assets held in escrow.
  • As a licensed fiduciary, our team concentrates 100% on safeguarding your interests.
  • Our patented technology and industry-leading international expertise, innovation, and flexibility can support all of your escrow needs.
  • Reap the benefits of 30-years of experience with an industry-leading U.S. and international escrow provider.
  • With our enhanced technological processes our team can create an escrow account in as little as one business day, allowing you to begin receiving subscriptions almost immediately.

Escrow Services

EPTC provides regulatory compliant support for all business equity and fractional ownership offerings.

Red A/A+ Escrow

Used to raise large amounts of capital (with oversight/restrictions)

Reg CF Escrow

Grants ordinary investors access to crowdfunding opportunities

Reg D Escrow

Grants capital raises through the sale of equity/debt securities

Reg S Escrow

Used for offers/sales of securities that occur outside of the U.S.

Escrow Process

Specific escrow procedures are required to be followed for “all or none” or “part or none” transactions and are enumerated as follows:
EPTC Escrow Process Chart
Our escrow solutions are fast, flexible, affordable, and can be custom-tailored to your specific requirements.

Contact us at (855) 222-7513 to speak with one of our Reg A, Reg A+, Reg CF, Reg D, and Reg S Escrow Trust specialists, or fill out the form below to have one of our specialists reach out to you directly.
  • Transparent
  • Industry low-cost leader
  • Accelerated account establishment
  • Turn around times within 1 business day
  • Support for Platforms with multiple issuers and offerings
  • Integrated technology platform for controlled, accurate, and timely disbursements
  • Industry-leading technology and online portal to help manage your escrow accounts
  • A robust technology and API support platform powers your data access
  • Integrated KYC and AML solutions
  • EPTC turnkey’s provided solutions
  • Optional reliance on your qualified Broker Dealer’s KYC process (if applicable)
  • Bespoke KYC/AML integration solutions with third parties
  • Regulatory compliant escrow processes
  • Tax reporting (if required)
Custody & Security
  • Up to $240 million in FDIC insurance per underlying investor while maintaining same-day liquidity
  • Secure distribution methods
  • Same-day liquidity and distributions on “collected funds”
  • Access to diversified custodial platform
  • Real-time access to balances, transactions, and statements
  • Allows you to track your account 24/7
Funding & Payments
  • Support for ACH, Wire, Check, and B.D. account sourced funds processing
  • Domestic and international funding supported
  • Support for Crypto Currency funding
  • Support for Credit Card funding
  • Master trust/Joinder structure allows for a fast and unlimited number of segregated escrow accounts
  • Sub accounting by the individual funder (optional)

Questions to ask Reg A, Reg A+, Reg CF, Reg D, and Reg S escrow service providers

Is the provider a licensed trust company?
Is your provider offering competitive financial services?
Do you have the ability to speak with your provider when you need them?
How quickly can your provider establish your escrow account?
Does your provider offer turnkey and optional KYC/AML solutions?
Does your provider support international and cross-border transactions?
Does your provider support check, ACH, Broker Dealer based accounts, Crypto, and credit card funding sources?
Does your provider accept payments from international investors?
Is your provider a disinterested 3rd party?
Does your provider understand the difference between “all or none” or “part or none” offerings?
Is the escrow provider fully transparent?

Commercial and Private Transaction Escrow Services

Eastern Point Trust Company also supports commercial and private transaction escrow trust services.
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We invite you to contact us at (855) 222-7513 to find out more about our full suite of Private Placement Custodial Escrow Services.

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