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Eastern Point Unveils Comprehensive Guide on Taxable and Tax-Free Settlements

Eastern Point is proud to announce the release of its latest publication, Unveiling the Complex World of Taxable and Tax-Free Settlements.


[Warrenton, VA, 5/17/2024] — Eastern Point is proud to announce the release of its latest publication, Unveiling the Complex World of Taxable and Tax-Free Settlements. This comprehensive guide delves into the intricate workings of taxable and non-taxable settlements, offering invaluable insights into compensatory damages, punitive damages, and the tax treatment of various settlement types.

Ms. Rachel McCrocklin, Eastern Point’s Chief Trust Officer, commented, “The guide provides a detailed understanding of the pivotal role of IRS Section 104 and the taxability of various settlement types. Our goal is to equip readers with the knowledge to make informed decisions and minimize potential tax liabilities.”

The guide explores strategic methods to minimize tax obligations on settlements, including leveraging structured settlement annuities, Plaintiff Recovery Trusts, and proper allocation in settlement agreements. It is an essential resource for individuals and businesses navigating the complex landscape of settlement taxation.

Arm yourself with knowledge, make informed decisions, and minimize potential tax liabilities with Eastern Point's newest guide.

For more information on Unveiling the Complex World of Taxable and Tax-Free Settlements, please visit or contact 855-222-7513.


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