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John Cetina

President of International Operations & CorFx

John Cetina - President of International Operations & CorFx

John currently holds the esteemed position of President of International Operations & CorFx at Eastern Point Trust Company, where he spearheads transformative initiatives within the banking sector. Boasting over two decades of experience in banking systems, he has been instrumental in reshaping traditional payment methodologies by leveraging cutting-edge technological advancements.

Throughout his career, John has been at the forefront of implementing innovative digital payment infrastructures, core-banking solutions spanning front, middle, and back-end operations, and comprehensive digital transformation strategies. His profound expertise in financial technology, coupled with a keen understanding of Banking/FinTech entrepreneurship, global FX operations, and B2B strategies, has enabled him to successfully deliver high-impact financial projects across diverse markets, including the United States, Brazil, and Mexico.

Prior to his tenure at Eastern Point Trust, John served as the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at DedaGroup/VISIFI, where he played a pivotal role in incubating and nurturing new start-up ventures, facilitating their accreditation in the banking and financial sectors of the United States. Additionally, his distinguished career includes significant roles within the "Emerging Market" and "Minorities Business Development" departments at US Bank Corporation and Wells Fargo Bank, underscoring his commitment to fostering inclusive growth and driving meaningful change within the financial landscape.


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