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Administrator for Settlement Solutions
National Pooled Trust.
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Advisors Trust Management
Has Never Been So Easy.
Professional Trustee services working with the client and advisor in a supporting role that best fits the needs of the existing client/advisor relationship.
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Distributions Flexible
Trustee Services.
Eastern Point provides distribution services and offers a variety of flexible scheduling options.
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Worldwide Independent, Flexible,
We provide service across all fifty (50) U.S. states the US territories, North Atlantic, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia.
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Special Needs
Settlement Solutions National Pooled Trust
Eastern Point Trustee Services
  • Trustee Services
  • Distributions
  • Payment Schedules
  • Safe & Secure
  • Flexible Options
Eastern Point Advisor Services
Eastern Point Trust Company was founded by a team of financial professionals, not former bankers. We understand your need for professional trust services from a trustee who does not interfere with your client relationship.
Complex Simplified
Eastern Point Trust Company (“Eastern Point”) is a Multi-state licensed and regulated fiduciary, providing Non-Depository trust services.
Eastern Point’s approach focuses on simplifying the complex.
We make sure that our clients fully understand what their options and limitations are in regard to establishing and maintaining a Family or Corporate Trust.
All it takes is a phone call, to begin your relationship with the professionals at Eastern Point Trust Company, although we’d be happy to meet you in person.
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11 Feb

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