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Special Needs Trust Establishment and Administration
Enhancing the lives of Special Needs Trust beneficiaries by utilizing patented trust technology to empower and protect.

Eastern Point Trust Provides a Full Suite of Special Needs Trust Services

The lowest Special Needs Trust fees in the industry, same-day distributions, team of available experts, and 24/7 online account access. Eastern Point Trust Company’s mission is to enhance the lives of Special Needs Trust beneficiaries by providing industry leading low-cost trust solutions to empower and protect.


Experienced team of experts committed to providing rapid response to client inquiries.


Patented technology delivers industry leading account access and transparency.
24/7 Online account access to:


Patented technology saves time and delivers the fastest distributions in the industry.

Low-Cost Leader by a Mile

Industry Leaders in Low-Cost Trust Solutions

  • Set up fees ($250)
  • Trust minimums as low as ($15,000) accepted
  • Competitive annual fees
  • No charge on incoming funding events
  • No hidden fees—fully transparent/disclosed
Low cost leader by a mile. Vehicle driving on road.

Trustee Fee Comparison

Trustee Fee Comparison Chart - Cumulative Trustee Fee + Opportunity Cost
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Eastern Point’s Technology is the Success Factor Behind All of Our Products

Patented trust administration technology radically drives down cost, saves time, and allows for the fastest distribution time in the industry.
  • Online distributions
  • Online statement access
  • Real time account activity
  • Automatic notifications
  • Messaging features
  • Document library

One Stop Shop

End to end solution providing support throughout the entire life cycle of the trust–one stop shop, we’ve done all the work so you don’t have to!

Regulated Fiduciary/Trustee with decades of industry specific experience

Most SNT providers and trustees are unregulated Not-for-Profits with no oversight and usury fees
Most SNT providers are not bound by a Fiduciary Duty
Oversight gives clients peace of mind and added security that their assets are protected

Trust Officer Onsite Travel

Executive member of the team of trust officers available to travel when necessary to speak with local courts and/or representatives. *(minimum trust size requirement)

Title Support

Purchases Requiring Title
EPTC facilitates the purchase of a home, car, ATV., etc. and places the property into a property trust to protect remaining assets

Advisor Friendly

Many SNT providers force their clients into a pooled Trust’s Holdings Asset Allocation and Portfolio with little to no options
EPTC provides asset allocation options and are able to work with an outside financial advisor of your choice

Trust Holdings

Thousands of available options
A Special Needs Trust Guide for Beneficiaries PDF flyer or flipbook available.

Learn More About Special Needs Trust Establishment and Administration

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Questions You Should Ask a Potential Trustee

Are they a fiduciary?
Do they charge for incoming funding events?
Do they have professional trust accounting software?
Do they have licensed attorneys on staff?
Do they have experienced financial professionals on staff?
Will I have easy access to my documents and accounting?
Will they assist with purchases requiring a title, i.e. home, vehicle, etc.?
How quickly does their distribution decision process turnaround time take?
Do they have more than 1 billion dollars of benefits under administration?
Does the trustee have the experience and knowledge necessary to perform the services to fulfill fiduciary responsibilities?
Will they be able to make objective decisions to administer the trust as you intended, while treating beneficiaries fairly and impartially?
Can the trustee provide continuity in administration of the trust, keeping up with changing laws and spanning multiple generations if necessary?
Will they be accessible whenever your beneficiaries have a request, question, or need? What kind of service will the trustee provide?
Is the cost of hiring this trustee competitive relative to the industry, and relative to the services and experience provided?
Does the trustee offer only a pooled D4C or do they offer a D4A trust?
Can the trustee facilitate a trust that also requires an MSA?
Is your trustee willing to travel to meet with advisors, settlement planners, the court, etc.?


How expensive is it?
How does this impact my benefits?
How do I view my account balance, activity, history, statements, and customizable reports?
What if I need assistance?
How can I access the funds?
Contact Info:
(855) 222-7513

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday (9:00AM to 4:00PM EST)
Closed all Federal Holidays

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Mailing Address:
Eastern Point Trust Company
C/O Eastern Point Services
P.O. Box 232
Warrenton, VA 20188

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Eastern Point Trust has become the fastest growing trust company in the United States through the administration of trusts related to some of the most recognized cases in recent history.
Corporate Vision’s Small Business Awards Winner
Corporate Vision’s Small Business Awards 2020
Best Trust Company & Custodian - (USA)
Most Innovative QSF Solution: QSF360™ (USA)
Recognizable Trusts Administered by EPTC
EPTC has handled all or a portion of the below trusts. A comprehensive list of notable trusts can be provided upon request.


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