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Foreign Payments
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Payments Clearing House Association Custodial Payment Trust Solution
A New Trust Solution that Eliminates the Complexities of Foreign Beneficiary Settlement Payments.

Compliant and Risk Adverse Trust Solution for Foreign Nationals

PCHA was specifically designed to address the challenges that many foreign nationals have when attempting to obtain settlement payments from U.S. Banks.
Learn more about Foreign Payments - PCHA  – download guide.

Learn More About Foreign Payments - PCHA

A low-cost solution with a one-time set up fee of only $49.

A Global Community Requires Global Solutions

Often foreign nationals are the recipient of one or more settlement payment obligations. These persons have limited identification documents or no U.S. identification documentation. PCHA trust solution is here to bridge the gap to service that need.

PCHA is a Simplified Trust Solution

Pioneered by EPTC, as a trust-based solution, the PCHA Custodial Payment Trust is

Industry Transforming Trust Solutions

For over 30 years, we have introduced innovative trust solutions in the market place. Our platforms, in some instances, have been used as an international standard. PCHA is one more demonstration of EPTC proactively seeking out solutions for non-existent services that clients need.
The PCHA Custodial Payment Trust is fully BSA compliant with ongoing FinCEN, OFAC and UN screening as well as full KYC/AML monitoring.
*NOTE: EPTC complies with all U.S. sanctions and reserves the right to reject payments into countries determined high risk or too high risk individuals. Please contact us for more details.

*Administered by Eastern Point Trust Company

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