IST 360
Providing tax, estate planning and financial benefits from sales of highly appreciated assets.

Are you selling a highly appreciated asset and seeking to reduce taxes?

Do you want to maximize your profit on the sale of that asset? An IST provides a flexible and powerful planning tool to defer the taxation of a highly appreciated sale of real property, other assets, or a business enterprise via an Installment Sales Trust.
ist360 benefits


  • Investment diversification
  • Estate & tax planning
  • Reduce capital gains tax rate
  • Asset protection

What is Eligible

  • Business Enterprises
  • Real Estate
  • Personal Property
  • Agricultural / Ranching Business
  • Timber Business

Installment Sales Trust formed under Section 453

Just like a §401k plan, a §453 Installment Sales Trust (IST) is a tax qualified method that allows for the sale of an appreciated asset into a §453 trust and receive numerous financial and estate planning benefits including the deferral of taxation on capital gains.

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Outcome & Benefits


The Process

Just like a 401K

IST defers your tax liability and allows
you pretax compounded growth.

Additional Services

  • Trust administration
  • Online account, transaction history and statement access
  • Real time reporting
  • Tax return preparation and submission
  • Trust closing
  • Team to provide additional support and request as needed
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