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Annuity Maximizer Trust
A turnkey solution that preserves premium dollars and increases income benefits.

State Taxes on Premiums Cost You Money and Reduce Your Benefit

Annuity Maximizer Trust by Eastern Point Trust Company (EPTC) is a fast, simple to use turnkey solution that eliminates paying annuity premium taxes, preserves every premium dollar, and increases your income benefit amounts.
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Learn More About Annuity Maximizer Trust

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Preserve Every Premium Dollar

Regardless of which state you live in, EPTC’s trust-based solution avoids paying a state premium tax on your annuity purchase.

Annuity Maximizer Advantages

By using the Annuity Maximizer Trust, you will receive a higher payout than executing the annuity purchase in a state with an annuity premium tax.
Annuity Maximizer Advantages – chart

Learn More About Annuity Maximizer

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